Resourceful Dodger


A bobtail cat who always has resources and items. Kind of shabby.


High Concept Resourceful Dodger
Trouble Sticky Paws
Burden Natalie Birotte, Local Detective
True Name Lone Shadow
Other Aspects Sea Legs


Great (+4) Territory
Good (+3) Seeking, Burglary
Fair (+2) Shaping, Investigate, Stealth
Average (+1) Athletics, Lore, Rapport, Notice


Claw multi-tool (Shaping) You can form your claws into the right tool for the job. +2 to any roll that would benefit from having a mechanical tool
There’s always a way in (Seeking) Regardless of whether it should exist or not, you can always find an entrance or and exit to a building
Lesser Change Size (Shaping) You can use Shaping to change your size for the rest of the scene, letting you move one rung on the scale ladder.
Invisible Pockets (Burglary) You can carry one or two small items, up to the size of a chicken egg, without holding them in your mouth.
Stalk (Stealth) You can use Stealth instead of Fight to launch your first attack during a conflict, if you’ve been stalking your prey from concealment.
It’s not what you know (Territory) You can use Territory instead of Lore to know stuff you heard from others.


Mental ☐☐
Physical ☐☐

Natalie Birotte, Local Detective
Jack helps her “discover the culprit” of local petty crimes. He plants evidence to lead her to patsies to take the fall for stuff he steals and fences. Keeps her in her job and at the same time he can continue to steal what he needs when he wants. She in turn gives him treats and pets and never suspects why this cat is at a lot of the cities crime scenes.


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